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Tilal Al Ghaf is a one-of-a-kind real estate in Dubai where green open spaces stretch out as far as the eye can see. 

Surrounded by nature

At Tilal Ghaf, trees, water and breathtaking views greet you at every turn. Discover the union of wellness, social interaction and nature at the recreational lagoon and The Park. Wake up to a new level of tranquility each day with 18 km of walking trails, 11 km of cycling trails, and white sandy beaches along the 70,000-sqm recreational lagoon.
Hive Beach

White sandy beaches

The soft, inviting white sands make the beach a common ground for everyone to relax or be active. Along with sunbathing and water activities, you can enjoy purpose-built barbecue areas, an outdoor gym and a range of beach-friendly sporting activities. Or you can simply go for a stroll and watch the sun set.

Lagoon Al Ghaf

Recreational lagoon

Imagine yourself unwinding along the 70,000-sqm recreational lagoon - a place where everyone will want to splash around, indulge in their favourite water activity, and go for long walks.
Open spaces

Open green spaces

Winding throughout the entire community, the 11-km cycling and 18-km walking trails take residents through bustling urban areas and serene nature-dominated spaces, as well as active areas ideal for enhanced physical activity.
Hive Beach

The Park

Uninterrupted green spaces and rolling hills, dotted with crystal-clear water bodies. Located at the heart of Tilal Al Ghaf, The Park is where residents can connect with nature and discover the true meaning of serenity.