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The Hive
Tilal Al Ghaf’s Community Hub

Engineering togetherness

The purpose of The Hive is to spark and magnify daily human connection at all levels, whether a friendly hello from the cashier or a reflection on life with a neighbour.

The total value of these small social exchanges is immeasurable, and The Hive is designed to help these connections flourish in the most organic way possible, through careful selection and balance of elements.

Lagoon Al Ghaf provides stunning views and exciting activities, anchoring the district while attracting people to its shores. Bespoke retail options create an atmosphere distinct to the area and include a wellness centre, farm-to-table restaurant and an organic branch of a supermarket chain. This is essential for connecting the like-minded. A range of other entertainment options attracts a wide variety of residents and visitors, and are intentionally situated to ensure a full and enriching communal experience.

A little bit of everything for everyone makes The Hive the heartbeat of Tilal Al Ghaf in this genuinely original community of choice.
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