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Club Hive
Exercise your humanity

Exercise your humanity

Wellness is vital to a healthy individual, and a healthy individual to a vibrant community. Club Hive exists to accomplish both conditions simultaneously.

Because wellness includes the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual, Club Hive considers all these needs, allowing people to relate based on common interests - whether it’s meditation, sport or cuisine. Professional development courses, talent workshops and other special interest activities help residents experience the exhilaration of living up to their potential, while the wider community is brought together through larger cultural events such as food and music festivals.

If The Hive is where residents enjoy social exchange as they go about their day, Club Hive is where they go to intentionally and actively broaden their horizons. It’s where one can truly exercise all sides of humanity, enriching others while being enriched. Club Hive is Tilal Al Ghaf’s wellness generator.
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